His academic work was outstanding in research and publication at Civil Engineering Department. His work on method of associated fields and zero extension line made Shiraz University famous in these areas of research.

 He published papers on strengthening and underpinning. His work on gas line at Station 202 and at Roodbar landslide due to Manjil earthquake is outstanding.

During his career he got admission for Ph.D studies from Syracuse, Cambridge and ETHA of Switzerland. He did not go for Ph.D, while he was teaching Ph.D courses at the department of Civil Engineering, this is understandable.

Of many papers he published in conferences, he attended only one, thinking that one should go to foreign lands with his own family.

His sabbatical leave at Berkley was outstanding.

It is with pride on his work that this volume is prepared. It is with great sorrow that his loss is felt everyday more at the Civil Engineering Department. God Bless him, and may his memory last for ever at The Civil Engineering Department of Shiraz University.

Collaborating with him sometimes during late hours at the department and at his house has been of everlasting memory and pride for me.

 Prof. Arsalan Ghahramani